Strategic Alignment

Why this? Why now? 

Answering the Right Questions

Answering the Right Questions

The name communicates the brand promise. It encapsulates the unique essence of your offering in the most condensed form — a clear, precise, direct, specific, magnetic, irresistible force. So, before we can think about naming it, we have to truly understand it. Not just a description, but the full DNA profile.

Brand strategy is the foundation of our creative process, and every project starts with a strategic briefing. On a phone call together, we go over background materials, and talk about the offering in detail — what it is, what it does, how it does it, why that is important, to whom it is important, what void it fills in the industry, what need it satisfies in the market. It is important to understand the industry, the competition, and the consumer, and to absorb trends and forecasts, both positive and negative, that will impact the landscape into which this offering will be unleashed. 

In the overlap, the essence of your brand — the shining difference, the reason this matters, the magnetic pull. We start here to craft the right name. 



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