The name is the beginning of the marketing process.

Cultivate Brand Velocity

Cultivate Brand Velocity

The first thing your audience knows about your product, service, company, book, show, film, or other offering is its name. Naming isn’t about being clever; it’s about creating meaning. The name is a piece of vocabulary used to reference your brand. The name defines your brand. It declares the essence of your brand, the promise of your brand, the passion of your brand. That is the job of the name. 

When the name does its job completely, all other marketing, promotion, public relations, corporate communication, and public outreach efforts can harness the power of their specialties in support of that brand promise. No resources need be wasted picking up the slack for a lazy name. [Whereas, names that are generic, superficial, ambiguous, unclear, confusing, misleading, or otherwise lacking, need clarifying and explaining — or worse, defending. Such efforts not only drain time, money, and expertise, they also displace the optimal focal point of marketing-channel messaging.]

That’s why we say that the name is the beginning of the marketing process. A well-crafted name is the high-efficiency fuel of a well-oiled machine. The more the name can single-handedly capture and communicate the brand promise, and the more directly it can appeal to and resonate with your core audience, the more effectively and efficiently the rest of your marketing efforts can shine that light to multiply your brand’s growth.

The right name drives everything forward, faster.



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