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Work on Purpose

a book encouraging young people to consider careers in social change

Echoing Green

Echoing Green

Echoing Green is a social innovation fun that acts as a catalyst for impact. This global nonprofit works to find extraordinary individuals who have influential ideas and original solutions. We unite this diverse group of innovators, instigators, pioneers, and rebels to form a fellowship of passionate, global leaders. With access to funding, grants, and strategic foundational support, we can accelerate the positive vision these leaders have for the world.


Strategic Challenge

Strategic Challenge

How to get the best and brightest to follow their hearts rather than the security blanket of economic gain. How to connect their passion to their future. How to motivate inner direction rather that fuel the external

This book, developed by people who worked there? lol? 

Work on Purpose leverages life and work lessons from our Fellows to teach and inspire others to realize their unique way to make a social impact.

Through this program, Echoing Green seeks to provide inspiration and frameworks to support a wide spectrum of those in the first decades of their careers in seeking to make the world a better place in a way that is uniquely right for them. 


Fussfactory Solution

Fussfactory Solution

The word work immediately makes it about career choices

Noun and verb; your life's work as an active pursuit

This is the work you do to find the work that will fuel your life

The phrase "on purpose" speaks to intention, and to something that resonates, motivates, drives you


Book Title Client: Echoing Green

                             Offering: a book encouraging young people to consider careers in social change

                             Challenge: offer a “life with meaning” without sounding sanctimonious

                             Solution: Work on Purpose

Line Extension

Line Extension

That the right name has the flexibility and power to expand to become a brand. The book sparked the curriculum, a hashtag, a rallying cry for a generation. 

I'm not sure I will keep this case study?

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