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Let's Be Clear

Nonprofit startup organization founded to up-end rape culture, and normalize consent. Apparel as a starting point. But it's a mindset. Changing perception of women and men and sexual politics in this country and the world.

 This needs to define the situation. 

This needs to define the situation. 

Strategic Challenge

Strategic Challenge

Change the narrative.

In a way that isn't militant, offensive, reactive, violent. But in a "new normal" way. 

Super important that it work today — while the narrative is changing — nd in the future — when consent has been normalize.d 

Has to carry the message before, during, and after. 



Normalizing consent; in words and actions. And in clothing. Looking for a name that empowers without intimidating; that creates a new normal in the present and will still represent that now-normal normal in the future; 

Convey consent, embrace consent, normalize consent; looking to offset the cultural norm that our bodies are not ours to control; creating ownership and empowerment around personal space, boundaries, permission, the process of physical engagement

For people “old enough” to be talking about sexual activity, the name should obviously include consent in that regard; ideally, the name will also be relevant/appropriate for “younger” people, as well as non-verbal/toddler age children

Primary target is late high school to early college; more broadly 15 – 30

Imply action, start a conversation; inviting, not dismissive; not a megaphone telling other people what to do; this is not a directive, but rather an opportunity to engage, to open a door, to ask questions, to co-create

Edgy and punchy; Urban Outfitters vibe of young, hip, edgy, clean, bold, accessible — without being trendy or soon-to-be outdated

Cool enough to be embraced by young adults, yet not so far out that parents would disallow a toddler to wear


Neither “slutty” (I am “easy” as long as you “ask first”) nor “defensive” (Leave me alone!, opening the door to derisive pushback along the lines of Get over yourself! I wouldn’t go near you if you paid me!)

Accessible, but not necessarily comfortable; these are not “comfortable” conversations to have as they go against cultural norms; that said, we are looking to lower the barrier of entry into the discussion, not make it harder to talk about

Gender neutral; sexual-preference neutral; all “hot-button” neutral; “Females” tend to be more impacted by the topic, and more open to the discussion


Be flexible enough to apply to clothing and education, original products and licensed products

(As a company name, it) must have staying power for several decades —

•Not trendy, faddish, or of the moment; must retain relevance over time

•Not so rooted in today’s cultural norms that it seems wildly out-of-date when your goals are met and consent is normalized; must embrace the future ideal while still acknowledging the current reality

•Allow room for growth — both in messaging   and product offerings

Fussfactory Solution

Fussfactory Solution

Conversational expression opens a dialog, yet sets a firm boundary

Sets the expectation that there will be no room for blurry lines

Playful and empowering

Colloquial expression begins normalization process; that you don't have to absorb meaning of unfamiliar words; you just have to apply existing societal standards to this area of society; something like that

That Extra One

That Extra One

Some words that go beyond the literal meanings. Maybe it's the colloquial thing? A way to put new words in the vocabulary. To infuse and empower. To offset. 


That it's more than the literal word. It's all the subtexts. Always important, but in this case, this message, even more so. 

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