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There are plenty of reasons why projects don't fit into neat little boxes. But as a starting point, and for projects with clear edges ....

Standard Deliverables

Standard Deliverables

The Fussfactory Sweep format uses a targeted brainstorm approach to cover a wide spread of potentially relevant territories in a short period of time. The focus is on creative generation within the defined strategic guardrails. The deliverable contains a greater total number of names, including iterations on themes, leaving the refined selection process to the client. The naming candidates are un-vetted — no preliminary trademark search, Google search, or URL/Social Media names checks — and presented in groups by primary messaging.


The Full format is our "standard" deliverable, offering a more substantial selection process by Fussfactory. In order to effectively make selection decisions, there is a more rigorous strategic alignment phase at kick-off, with a possibility of follow-up questions during creative generation. Lookups are included.

We select our top picks, and those "selects" are presented via GoTo Meeting. We deliver two PDFS after the presentation: the Selects deck, and a long-list of the remaining candidates, sorted by messaging. A Repull is included if necessary.


Our Plus deliverable 


A Repull is