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#sparkchamber 100217 Bill LaSalle

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A rare bird in the #sparkchamber today in the form of unapologetic generalist Bill LaSalle. Bill is a cook, an INTJ, and an occasional GarageBand composer, inspired by lots of different creative pursuits, but not fully committed to any one. His art expression started in high school and college, with architectural pen & inks. Today, and mostly for his own enjoyment, he’s into cooking experimentation, gardening and building garden features, spontaneous compositions on GarageBand, traveling and collecting beautiful things from around the world, and occasionally developing a new business idea. He’s thinking of painting lately, and inspired by the idea of large-canvas abstracts based on botanicals.

On Instagram, @lfroush is my partner Larry's account, mostly about posting my cooking; On Flickr: bill&larry is our handle for travel photos.

Love J. Kenji López-Alt's approach to cooking; Lately, listening to the French contra tenor, Philippe Jaroussky, especially his interpretation of Canteloube

1.] Where do ideas come from?

Depends on the type of idea. Some come from experience, some from seeing an inspiration in the moment, some come spontaneously, like musical ideas that come when the instrument is in my hands. Some are rooted in filtering and processing previous experiences — things seen in the past, traveling, reading, meeting people. Most of my ideas have something to do with seeking out beauty.

2.] What is the itch you are scratching?

Every type of creative activity is different. Sometimes there’s a yearning to create something that didn’t exist before, like art, music, or a garden project. Sometimes it’s just about the process of creating, like cooking. Sometimes it’s a desire to bring something new that might appeal to others, like a new business idea. Most often it's a combination of those things, but the underlying motivation behind them all is a desire to be a higher monkey.

3.] Early bird or night owl, tortoise or hare?

Mornings are more creative, but ideas can come at any time of the day. After dinner is my time to give the brain a rest. New ideas tend to come in a kind of flash, then get worked out in my head over time — sometimes years, sometimes minutes, depending on what it is. As an INTJ, my thoughts tend to come in a methodical sort of way, starting with big picture patterns, and ending with details. After starting a project, it may sit dormant for weeks or months before I take it up again. Some things are finished to completion, others — if the inspiration fades, or the quality isn’t there — are left behind without regret.

4.] How do you know when you are done?

Only a few ideas make it to completion. Those are the ones that provide inspiration to the end. It’s finished when it can take scrutiny and not need anything new added or anything deleted.