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Words about words, brands, names and naming, and the creative process.

#sparkchamber 011617 S. Quinn

The first in our new series #sparkchamber — a weekly mini-dive into the creative process. We start with S. Quinn, the Founder and Creative Director of Fussfactory, as well as a knitter, quilter, gardener, cook, cat lover, and baseball superfan [check this out — flipflopflyin.com/flipflopflyball/infographics.html]. Follow her on Instagram @sdotquinn

1] Where do ideas come from?

Ideas come from shortfall — There’s a blank space between where you are and where you want to be. You have to improvise.

2] What is the itch you are scratching?

I struggle with the concept of individual identity within the context of collectivity: the raindrops that make a puddle. How are we separate v. How are we connected? Is it the same for me as it is for you? When we are sad, is it the same shade of blue?

3] Early bird or night owl? Tortoise or hare?

I tend to stay up late and sleep late — the momentum of what I’m doing rules. I’m definitely the bit-by-bit, take-the-time-you-need tortoise girl; I hate having to hurry. Nothing is more paralyzing to my creative process than a looming deadline.

4] How do you know when you’re done?

It’s a process of diminishing returns; I attack the thing from a lot of different angles, and the beginning is (generally) very fruitful, but the more you go to the end of every line, the less that comes with each wave — like popcorn in a microwave